New NBHM Church Planting Missionaries Appointed

At our NBHM board meeting on Sept. 8th, Luke and Rachael Johnston became the newest missionaries on the NBHM team. Luke and Rachael will be partners in a team ministry with Ryan and Rebecca Frank. Their plan is to begin to lay the foundation for a new church in the north Nampa area. Ryan and Luke would appreciate your praying as the work begins this fall. At first glance, we…Keep Reading

Whitney to Grandview

Here are a few sentences describing the Whitney Baptist missions trip to Grandview, Wa. This is their third ministry trip to Grandview. A group of 24 students and adults left Boise on June 16th for Grandview, Washington to work with Tony and Grace Sanchez. We did a kids club in a park each day where between 65-90 kids showed up each day (probably more than 125 in total showed up…Keep Reading

Pastor Dean Bouseman promoted

Pastor Dean Bousman died on Sunday morning (5/8/14) at his home in Moses Lake. As a Missionary with NBHM he started the Orting Community Baptist Church in 1980 and was a Missionary Pastor at Faith Baptist in Auburn, WA. He was pastor of Tillicum Baptist Church when he suffered a stroke. After recovery from the stroke, he went with Village Missions and worked with two churches before retiring last fall….Keep Reading

Pastor Tin travels to Viet Nam and Malaysia

Pastor Tin Nguyen, D. IntSt. Portland, writes- Dear Ministry Partners in the Kingdom of Christ: I will begin my summer 2014 mission works in Malaysia and Vietnam on June 15. It has been and continues to be a distinct honor to serve the Lord. I appreciate my church and my family for their willingness to share me with fellow Vietnamese people. I also like to thank all of you who…Keep Reading

Polly Strong at Eastgate

Jerry Cudney writes on June 3rd- God met with us in a special way on Sunday. Polly Strong’s Story of her 50+ years of ministry was a special challenge to everyone. God has certainly Gifted Polly with unique endurance to carry on her work for the Lord whether it is in Africa, the USA or Haiti. Thank you Polly for your “Challenging Words” and “Exemplary Life”! The EBF Family Loves…Keep Reading