BNN Annual Meeting next month!

Dear Fellowshipping churches and Pastors,

Our annual meeting is quickly upon us and I hope you are making plans to be in Boise April 19-20 at Meridian First Baptist. This is always a good time to be challenged from God’s word and to reconnect as ministries and leaders. I just read that Boise is the fastest growing city in the nation right now and we have some great churches doing incredible ministry there! We are very appreciative of Pastor Randy Cook and the good people of his church for hosting us this year. Don’t forget to register at

The business meeting will be on Thursday evening this year at 6:30, right before our first general session. We have listened to many who struggled with staying over on Saturday and returning to get ready to minister on Sunday, so we are shaking things up a bit to see if this will be easier. It will also allow the council to get organized during the conference so new board members get familiar with their duties and teams. As a reminder, each church can authorize up to 4 voting members.

One of the matters we will be asking you to vote on are some constitution amendments. We will attach a copy of the constitution with proposed language change being lined through and the proposed additions in red. The 2 articles proposed for revision are Article III, section 5 and Article VI.

In the past several years we have not been getting many nomination ballots returned and often those that are returned contain names of men who are unable to serve. We have struggled fielding a ballot and so we began looking at the numbers the constitution requires. When BNN and NBHM merged into one board, the combined boards simply added the 8 and 7 members of each separate board to make up a board of 15. What we are asking to do is allow the board, room to flex its number. We think the ideal number is closer to 12 but at times may need some additional members like during times of transition. We also would rather have an approval ballot so that we are not picking winners and losers. A ballot of 4 would be for 4 positions not 6 men for 4 positions with 2 left out. One other housekeeping matter is for emergent situations where we have a number of resignations between annual meetings and we can no longer get a quorum to conduct business. NBHM has assets in the several millions of dollars and we are responsible to manage those funds. Without a quorum we cannot make legal decisions and so in those very rare situations where we have board members who have resigned, we would have a mechanism to temporarily fill those spots, after notifying you, until the next annual meeting.

The other amendment proposed is dealing with the Articles of faith. We removed them several years ago from the legal document, however we never installed a mechanism for revisions (or to prevent change) and so we have created a mechanism to allow revisions to the articles but also made sure it was a supermajority election to protect our doctrinal integrity.

If you have any questions about these things, please feel free to ask me. My cell phone is (253) 686-1399 and my email is Please keep Dave and Sue Lunsford in your prayers as Sue continues her cancer treatments. See you in Boise!

Phil Perry
BNN Council of 15 Team Leader

BNN Constitution Changes 3-18


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