Corban University Partners with ABWE

Jewell_ClareThe call to “go and make disciples of all the nations,” (Matthew 28:19) is one many Corban students wish to heed. However, the process of looking for a missions organization through which to partner, can often become a daunting task, and can cause students to become frustrated and discouraged or even to change their minds about missions altogether.

Adjunct Ministry Professor Clare Jewell represents the first step in resolving this issue.

Jewell was hired this fall to bridge the gap between a student’s desire to serve on a mission and actually doing so.

In addition to teaching a Leadership Seminar course to senior ministry majors at Corban, he is also the Director of the entire western region of North America for ABWE, one of the largest Christian missionary organizations in the world.

While Corban had a long standing relationship with ABWE for many years, that relationship waned after the ABWE West Coast Representative left the organization to pastor a church and his position remained unfilled for several years.

When Jewell came on board with ABWE in spring 2014, after pastoring a church for 21 years in Indiana, the organization desired a greater presence in the west. They had noticed missionaries with ABWE from the west coast had plummeted and wished to renew their partnership with Corban. It was at that time, a group of ABWE leaders came to Corban to meet with President Sheldon Nord and Provost Matt Lucas.

Dean of School of Ministry Greg Trull said he was excited about this partnership for two reasons.

The first was to be able to reconnect Corban’s partnership with ABWE, which Trull said “has been beneficial to us for many years.” The second was because it represents the kind of partnerships Corban would like to multiply, which includes having ministry organizations on campus by providing them an office space, administrative support and having them teach a class or two as an adjunct.

“This partnership allows us to tap into their expertise and resources for connecting students with their organization and be around the key players in that ministry field,” Trull said. “For me, this is like the dream adjunct. You’re getting the benefit of all they are doing out there [on the mission field]. This concept has incredible potential. I hope we will begin to see the opportunity to host some other organizations on campus.”

Through this partnership and his teaching role on campus, Jewell said this will allow him to reach out “to engage next generation leaders by church planting here in the U.S. and global missions” and “engage more students with ABWE by having a presence on campus.”

Some of Jewell’s future goals include working on a curriculum for an Introduction to Church Planting class. He hopes that might even lead to a church planting major. He also plans to help lead mission trips. He hopes to do more to engage students in mission trips, here in North America and overseas in areas like India, Nepal and South Africa. He recently submitted a proposal to lead a trip to Montreal.

“Montreal has the most college students of any city in North America,” Jewell said. “It is very diverse and large. It is a great opportunity because Quebec is one of the most unreached places in the entire world—less than 1%.”

Jewell said the mission team would be working with an ABWE team in Montreal, helping to open up that field.

He also has plans to hold some training events on campus for reaching certain people groups including the Muslim and Mormon population. Jewell describes these as “Heart, Mind, Soul” seminars, as the training will center on how to reach a people group through their heart, mind and soul.

“I am passionate about helping students engage in God’s global mission in whatever shape that takes,” Jewell said. “It’s not just that I need to do God’s will, but that I get to do God’s will.”


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