Candidate for BNN Executive Director

Lunsford 2016Dear Baptist Network Northwest fellowshipping churches, pastors and friends:

2015 has been a year of changes for our fellowship as well as our nation. We have seen major societal changes, many of our churches have faced difficulties all while our fellowship has been looking for new Executive level leadership. The Council of 15 has been very proactive, praying and seeking out God’s will for our next director. We began this process almost a year ago; asking ourselves tough questions about who we are as a fellowship and what we foresee our future needs to be. We truly believe our best days are ahead of us, and so we have been looking for a godly leader who can articulate a clear vision and has the ability to work with others to bring that vision into reality.

It is with much joy and excitement that we share with you the candidate we have asked to be our next executive director—Pastor Dave Lunsford. Dave has been in our fellowship for a long time. He has a realistic understanding of who we are, what challenges we face and the true potential of what we can do together. Dave has a great relationship with his fellow pastors, schools and the organizations we partner with. Dave and Sue have sensed the calling of God towards this ministry for a couple of years and are excited to begin this ministry.

Dave has agreed to begin ministry on a part time basis as our Interim Director until the Annual Spring conference (April 7-9, 2016 at First Baptist of Bellevue) where we will ask our churches to call Dave as our full time Director. We encourage you to make plans now to attend this important conference where Dave will begin sharing his vision for our network.

The reality of it is, though, we need more than just your vote of support; we need financial support for the Lunsford’s, as well. We have a realistic salary package that includes wages, business expenses, insurance and taxes; but in order to pay it, we need more of our churches to contribute towards the director’s salary. If all of our churches would consider a $100 per month, we would more than cover what is needed to fully fund this important position. Some of you could do more, some may be able to only give a portion, but would you consider asking your church to support Dave and Sue?

If you have any questions I would be happy to answer them as I am able. I would encourage you to be in prayer for the Council as well as Dave as we begin this new relationship. Please pray as well for our sister church, Ferndale Baptist, as they begin the process of looking for a new senior pastor; their loss is our gain. Finally, I know Dave would love to get your insight and feedback on how we can be a better fellowship of churches. May God bless you in this new year.

Because of Christ,
Phil Perry
Council of 15 Chairman


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