Pastor Tin travels to Viet Nam and Malaysia

BNN Conference Web-50
Pastor Tin Nguyen, D. IntSt. Portland, writes-

Dear Ministry Partners in the Kingdom of Christ:

I will begin my summer 2014 mission works in Malaysia and Vietnam on June 15. It has been and continues to be a distinct honor to serve the Lord. I appreciate my church and my family for their willingness to share me with fellow Vietnamese people. I also like to thank all of you who have consistently prayed for me, encouraged me and supported my mission ministry financially. I am humbled to receive your affection. May the Lord bless you and your family abundantly.
Please lift up the following prayer requests to the Lord:
1. For God’s name to be glorified, for His work to be done, for many souls to have a chance to hear the gospel fully and accurately, and to accept the gift of salvation, for believers to be strengthened to maturity to shoulder God’s work. For God’s grace to be upon me, for my health and security throughout the month-long trip.
2. Visitations, evangelistic activities, discipleship, teaching and training.
3. This year, training will focus on the following areas:
a. Spiritual leadership in the contemporary Vietnamese historical and cultural background
b. Missionary methods – Applications to Vietnam
c. Design and execution of mission projects. Praise the Lord for faithful trainees who have attended mission training for the last few years. Many of them now serve as pastors and missionaries. In particular, some are missionaries to strategic areas where the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ has virtually not been preached.