Whitney to Grandview

Here are a few sentences describing the Whitney Baptist missions trip to Grandview, Wa. This is their third ministry trip to Grandview.

A group of 24 students and adults left Boise on June 16th for Grandview, Washington to work with Tony and Grace Sanchez. We did a kids club in a park each day where between 65-90 kids showed up each day (probably more than 125 in total showed up at least once). We were able to share with them the Gospel and God’s love for them. On Friday evening we did a BBQ back in the park where we invited the kids back and their parents to be able to share with them and connect them with Tony and Grace. Probably around 20-25 parents showed up. We were able to share with the parents what we were teaching their kids, and they were all also invited to the Bible at the Sanchez house if they desired to learn more about the Bible. We also painted the whole outside of the church, got a new door, and fixed the kitchen sink in their house. Lastly we also did youth group in the evenings in the park for some of the older kids. A number of new youth showed up. They were excited to learn more and to be able to go to the Sanchez’s youth group every Friday evening.
By Peter Hudson, missionary to Columbia