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29446-BNN-LogoBaptist Network Northwest has been in existence under several different names since 1945. John Ruhlman, in his book “History Of Northwest Regular Baptists,” documents the beginnings of our Fellowship:

  • 1945 Spring Meeting of the Fundamental Baptist Fellowship of Western Washington at Tabernacle Baptist Church in Seattle.
  • 1946 Name changed to International Baptist Fellowship and meeting was held in Vancouver, B.C.
  • 1949 Name changed to Northwest States Baptist Fellowship.
  • 1957 Name changed to Northwest Fellowship of Regular Baptist Churches.
  • 1993 name changed to Northwest Association of Regular Baptist Churches.
  • 2006 Name changed to its present “Baptist Network Northwest”

Our Association grew out of a hand-full of churches that fellowshipped together for the purpose of supporting church planting endeavors. This group formed the Columbia Basin Mission in 1941. The name was changed to Northwest Baptist Home Mission in 1957. Therefore the NARBC came into existence as a result of an interest in church planting.

Our Association of churches and the Mission are inseparably entwined. Our Association has grown from a half dozen churches that began meeting together in 1941, in the interest of Home Missions, to nearly 100 today. The few churches from which sprang our Fellowship were mission-minded churches.

We must keep our history and heritage alive by each and every church in our Association aggressively participating in the program of propagation of new churches through Northwest Baptist Home Mission, the official Church Planting agency of Baptist Network Northwest. Presently we have 9 new baby churches. Let us join hearts and hands and pray, pay and plant more churches in our Great Northwest, enlarging our Association and writing new history for the future!

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