BNN Logo 237x186At salvation through faith in Jesus Christ, every believer enters into a covenant relationship with God, and is placed into covenant community with all true believers, known as the body of Christ. Local churches represent specific covenant communities, of which each believer is to be an active part. In turn, these churches represent the body of Christ expressed more fully and are in covenant community with each other.

The association of churches known as Baptist Network Northwest, as part of the Body of Christ, acknowledges our God-ordained covenantal relationships as a fellowship of independent, interdependent Baptist churches. Membership in BNN, therefore, is open to any church in the Northwest who is in agreement with the Constitution and Articles of Faith of BNN, and who agree to a relationship expressed in dependence upon, responsibility for, and accountability to each other by God’s grace. We are a network of Baptist churches, as identified by our shared doctrine, mission, vision, polity, and core values.

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